May 18, 2005


If you’ve seen “Kaal”, you must remember the owl with yellow eyes that pops on screen whenever something stupid is about to happen, which is every two minutes. I look like the yellow-eyed owl these days!

How crazy is it to believe that the illness you are afflicted with is a result of the suffering you caused someone who did nothing to deserve it?
I’m totally with the Total Liver Function tests and stuff, but there’s a nagging doubt that all this is because I caused serious misery to someone.

Too weak to think straight or post coherently. Back soon, Insha Allah.



Anonymous said...

Swiss Garden at ABC Farm, or any other restaurant there. Enjoy. Good luck to your mum.


Kahini said...

Ooops, sorry, that'll teach me to read two blogs at a time when I'm in a hurry.

All you did wrong was eat/drink something bad. Nuffink else. Take care.

Miss Sea said...

Atleast noone else here has to suffer listening to "Peele honth mere" being sung full volume.

shub said...

"peele honth mere!!" LOL!!
TT...the MS connection again?
Get well soon Inky!

manuscrypts said...

jaundice is not in the karma no!! :)

Joker said...

peele honth mere.... ROTFL yeh peeli peeli aankhon mein...jaadukya rakha...
anyhows get well soon>:D<

Anonymous said...

Stupidest thing you've said so far. The misery caused to someone else is his/her problem, and the one inflicted by your liver your karma.

Get over it (the jaundice, i mean).
-- Heretic