May 25, 2005


I never thought of Sunil Dutt as a phenomenal actor. He was always too much himself, from Birju in Mother India to Babuji in Munnabhai. I was always fascinated by his love story, and his marriage to a woman who was, is, and will always be remembered as another man’s love.

Her death, and the subsequent turmoil he went through because of his son, did not shatter the man. He remained dignified in a way few could have managed. Today, where Amitabh Bachchan and Gulzar are seen rushing to his residence, Manmohan Singh is also making an appearance. Throughout the day, the media has been capturing every famous face that has been seen offering condolences to the Dutt family. And though it is a day when people are expected to say good things about the departed soul, one can feel that neither the onscreen performers nor the offscreen khadi-clad ones are putting in any effort to praise Sunil Dutt.

They say that dying in your sleep is the best gift God can give you. And for having borne so much so gracefully, it is a gift Sunil Dutt justly deserved.

May God give us all the courage and fortitude to face with dignity what life throws at us.

Rest in peace, Mr Dutt.


Khushee said...

Sunil Dutt dead? Goodness. May he rest in peace indeed.

At least I heard about it a day after he died. I only found out that Amrish Puri died about two months after he passed away. I was so shocked.

manuscrypts said...

morbid, but dutt and death - phonetically so similar... may he rest in peace..

Confuzzled said...

It is so surprising to see a lifetime, a person who spoke of faith, love, grit suddenly be so quite on the pyre.

Joker said...

he belonged to a rare breed of politicians. might as well say one of a kind. Admire him the most for resigning as MP post riots. in fact he was the only mp to do so.

and prayers for the other doyen of cinema Ismail Merchant. a true charmer of people, i know for i spent a whole evening with him. a nice man too, and one of the people who lobbied hard for the Oscar for the Great Ray.