October 29, 2009

Just so that October does not pass silently

  1. The blog has become kind of redundant because I can let off steam on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. There is no Farmville on my blog.
  3. I'm too busy with Farmville and life to even think of things to say.
  4. The anonymity thing is kind of pointless since most readers know who I am, including the parents, in-laws, and work people. Fat chance of noting down what I REALLY think, under the circumstances, wouldn't you say?
  5. This month the blog turned 5 or something. No longer a baby. Do you know any good schools?
  6. Did I mention Farmville? Am so addicted to it that it's a wonder I manage to do anything else.
  7. So many people have so much to say. And some of it is even worth reading. Might as well just read that.
  8. Damn, has something switched off inside of me?