May 26, 2005


Read this somewhere today. The author definitely had me in mind:

"u know shit about love. even if love jumped
and bit u in the arse u wouldnt know. so stop talking
about it."


Anonymous said...

Stop stealing lines from me...


Hope yer not yellah any more. :-)
-- Heretic

Pleomorphous said...

I thought of that once and stopped talking about love. It bit me on the arse and I did not react.

Then it bit me again.

Joker said...

isnt that the case with everyone...?

Pleomorphous said...

So how are you feeling now? Upto reading a multitude of e-mails?

Keyser Soze said...

You are not alone.. ;)

manu said...

jack and jill went up a hill
In search of love
They fell down and then they found
They were drowned in love.