May 12, 2005

Meet John Dis

Apart from the constant urge to puke my guts out, I’m quite enjoying this jaundice thing.

It began with Chugs, and Ma, and all my Pune friends fussing over me as I progressively sank into fever and malaise. It was confirmed by a chap who is my absolute sweetheart now for having drawn blood from my elusive veins painlessly in the first attempt (in case I am too wonky by the time I get there for my next test, remember I need to ask for Javed.)

And gigabytes of sympathy and advice have been pouring in. everyone thinks a fortnight spent sleeping at this stage is a good idea, and that’s what I am doing. I’m consuming more fruit, juice, and rasogollas (sterilized) than five diabetics could in their dreams. I’ve been quarantined, so I’m not missing the obscene amounts of personal space I’ve left behind in Pune.

More details later, I can feel myself slipping into sleep.


Anonymous said...


-- Your (very hopeful future) (not to forget millionaire) publishing agent.

PS: On mom's advice, please do rest between every 2,000 words. :))

Anonymous said...

STERILISED rasgullas? What,pray,are these?


Anonymous said...

And I thought I was gonna meet John Galt!! Take care Hek, the broom awaits your speedy recuperation and is in a race with B.A to decide who carries you first!!

Kahini said...

Howdefuck do you sterilise a rossagulla? Does Javed have a sui in it?