August 29, 2010

Ab Samjhe!

Everybody and their Amma blames the Indian education system for not teaching people how to think, just making them learn by rote. Am guessing Pakistan's education system is not much different in this regard. Look how nicely the Pakistani bookie remembers each and every upcoming no-ball while the sting journalist, who has obviously had a "thinking" kind of useless education, has to write everything down! And look where their education has gotten them! This is probably the only day in his life that the journalist will have seen so much money, whereas bookie dude is dealing with it so casually!

Please rethink your attitude to your education, fellow Indians/Subcontinentals... Your divorce rates are lower because you can remember birthdays! Heck, even your promotions are guaranteed because you can remember which metacarpal on which hand your boss' mother has broken!

August 18, 2010

Careening Into Insanity

Where does one belong? And to whom? And with whom? Apart from one 32-year-old 6-foot certainty, everything seems to be mad whirlwind. Whose pathetic idea was it to grow up?

Each new revealed expectation is like a three or four or six of spades added to a teetering, fragile house of cards. Spades ought to be for graves, not houses!

So much time in such a little space! I’m tackling life as a filigree piece, not as a checklist. Dear world, please just let me be that way!