May 14, 2005

The John Dis Diaries

So I'm getting used to the fact that I am now in Delhi. There are five FM radio stations! (And it's 98.3FM, not 93.9FM) And the newspaper is full of crime stories. And outside the window there is a building, not a forest.
And even though there are four rooms in the house now, everyone is in the living room yelling at the top of their voices all day. And dogs sing songs outside the window all night.
I have books, music, cable TV, internet, cellphone, family and friends.
I'm lovin it!


Chugs said...

ok fine...u get the happy meal.
no mustard though.

Kahini said...

But you don't have Go 92.5 FM which is SO sad.

Still, happy jaundice.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, hui na baat
Thamo Dilli ka haat,
Chodo Pune ka saat,
Khao Rasgolla din-raat!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. but thats one city that reallly scares me... seems the whole world is out to con u....


the harlequin said...

Yeh, Go!92.5 is just what the doctor would order - if the doctor in Delhi knew anything about Mumbai.