February 19, 2010

Feb 20, and the power of Rajma...

...must never be underestimated by the Punjabi woman. You might not have beauty, you might not have brains, your Daddy might not be a millionaire, but if you can cook Rajma, you can get whatever you want in India.

1. When I was up-setting (the opposite of setting up) my house in Pune, I offered to sell my TV to a guy who wanted one. He thought the offer price was steep, so I invited him home to lunch and to check out the TV for himself. After a hearty meal of Rajma Chawal, gujjubhai took the TV at offer price and carried it home the same day. RP, if you're reading this, I hope the TV is still working. It was practically brand new!

2.I was sick with jaundice when the then-friend-now-husband came to see me for the first time. Despite being restricted to a lauki diet, I was fit enough to cook. One Rajma lunch, and we were unofficially betrothed.

3. I had the whole Banneghatta Butterfly Park in my stomach as my parents and I went to be introduced to my in-laws-to-be. One spoonful of mom-in-law's 10/10 rajma, and my parents were sure I was going into the right family.

4.Whenever any guests are coming and I am even a little nervous, I turn to rajma for assistance. Except for my extremely hard-to-please-in-the-rajma-department sister, most everyone likes it, and things go smoothly.

Yes, someone is visiting today. Yes, there pressure cooker is singing "don't worry, be happy" as I type this.

The best thing is that you don't even have to try hard to get it right, since the rajma itself does all the work of being tasty. All the guys who eat it are just grateful for a hot and fresh meal, and the women like to say it tastes just like the rajma they make, which is a compliment in women-world.

So now you know. The Punjabi weapon of mass destruction. The next time it's unleashed upon you, be careful and look out for hidden agendas. And if I invite you over with a Rajma offer, submit without resistance. I know other ways of getting my job done, but you might miss a treat if you refuse.


Anonymous said...

I want that rajma.


Nisha said...

Aah rajma chawal ! My favourite.

Your post made my day. :-)

Anonymous said...

mere paas gobhi hai, bhindi hai, etc. etc. hai .. tumhare pass kya hai?

shub said...

so the next post will be a recipe, yes?

The Restless Quill said...

yes, recipe please. but you know, you are a very funny woman. i am sorry i JUST discovered you!

sidhartha said...

mere paas ma hai raj-ma