February 10, 2010

Feb 10

Almost Feb 11!

So what shall we talk about today?

The MNS and the Sri Ram Sene are buzzing again, because Valentine's Day is around the corner, and I think they used up their supply of pink chaddis from last year. Please send them briefs this time people, you have caused an unwarranted inflation in the price of feminine innerwear with your incessant demand, not to mention an acute shortage of the above-mentioned item! In fact, any woman who's wearing a pink chaddi is probably a Sena-patni, coz they're the only ones who have 'em anymore!

Now I am NOT going to see My Name Is Khan just to prove that I am not a Shiv Sainik, and I am not going to walk hand in hand with my Valentine on the road just to thumb my nose at the Senas. The former is because the tickets are 350 bucks in Bangalore, and according to a rediff comment that explained the "life cycle of money," this money will fall into my assassin's hands, and what kind of rubbish gun will you get for 350 bucks? I'll just be semi-shot and stuck between life and death, bedridden, and since all my friends on Farmville will have moved far far ahead, I will have no interest in the only activity I'll be capable of performing!

The PDA embargo is mostly because there is hardly place in Bangalore to walk single file, let alone side by side, along the edge of the road where the pavement-two-wheeler-lane meets the various-civic-authorities-digging lane. I want to celebrate the next many many Valentine's Days with my current model, since George Clooney is unable to see my inner beauty, and so I am unwilling to risk the life of my patty permeshwar!

So all you preservers of moral values, don't think you actually won or something! And psst, your pink chaddi is showing...

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full_moon_p said...

What an hilarious shot at Farmville! Loved it!