February 05, 2010

Feb 05, and the quality is dipping!


I am now a freelance writer, which means I have lots of time on hand, and being of the undisciplined variety, most of it is spent thinking idle thoughts (and idli thoughts, which, by the way are the healthiest thoughts I've had in a long time).

So one way or another, I ended up listening to some Bhojpuri devotional music set to the tune of Bollywood hits, and not only is Bhakti remix insanely cool, it is apparently a very profitable industry as well! Since I have time + access to songs + the illusion that I can write, you have to suffer this:

Ram Bhakti meets Beedi Jalayile

Dhanuswa chalayike…… Chhuda li Siyaa!!!!

Lanka maan lagi aag hai!!!

Jai SiyaRam Jai SiyaRaam Jai Siyaaam

In other news Satan ke rishteydaar Airtel have tempted my bhola bhala pati into upgrading the home Internet connection. Soon I will be able to see Youtube videos even before they are uploaded!

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Anonymous said...

that is of course true for the videos that you are going to upload :)