February 12, 2010

Feb 12, and the long weekend begins!

It's a rare day when my office is shut and the husband's is not, which means the day is reserved for the (many) activities he's not interested in. Started the day bright and early with a morning show of Ishqiya, for which I'd booked the middle seat in the first row, well aware that only the last 3-4 rows would fill up on a Friday morning, since everyone who had time was watching "My Name is Kaan," as they call it in Namma Bengaluru.

So while Mr Ambani is still building his palatial home, I already have a personal theatre, where I cannot see or hear another soul, and can lean back and enjoy a film on a huuuuuuge screen by myself! For 120 rupees! Happy Valentine's Day advance party to me! The film was quite nice, by the way, and Vidyaji can still act, which is a big relief. I'm a huge fan of Naseer and Arshad, and, the way they are, they'd have to work hard to disappoint anyone! Also heard my 4 favorite songs of the season on the huge speakers, and that itself was worth the ticket money!! As they say, Ab mujhe koi intezaar kahan!

Also got the first facial of my life, and now I know why people like these things. It's easy to get used to something like this! Mine was a quickie by the standards of their "menu", but the only one whose price I could justify to my conscience! I still look like a cow, but a clean cow, and that's something. And oh! The gal who gave me the facial? Her name was Facie! When I read the name tag, I thought that must be a quirky code name, and Pedi, Cutty, Waxy, and Chocolate Body Wrappy must be busy with their respective clients. But no! The receptionist's name was not Up-Sellie! It was Vasundhara!

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