February 15, 2010

Feb15, Angrrrrrry Monday

- At myself for forgetting to switch off the geyser and having to walk back a kilometre in the heat to switch it off.
- At myself again for having switched on the geyser when it's so hot outside.
- At the autowallahs whose meters are tampered. I feel like yanking the cord off while they are driving.
- At Windows XP and HP nx6115 for being a lazy old couple that takes five hours to answer my doorbell!
- At the weather. Stupid Stupid heat wave.
- At people who hit me on the head for no reason. Ok I'm irritating, but you're grown up, control your emotions. Do you see me yanking your aorta out, even though I want to? So, so badly?
- At the shady gas agency which is so reluctant to repay half the deposit they took from me. May everyone see Ishqiya and your fly-by-night business go bust!
-At the residents of my 3 flats in my building which have 20 kids between them, and who are causing a major water shortage without helping pay for a new motor. May you get tampered-meter autos for the rest of your life!
-At myself again, for letting all this get to me, but hey! it's Monday as it is!!!!

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The Restless Quill said...

ok you officially have one MORE fan for life.