February 01, 2010

Feb 01, 2010

If you have to choose a month in which you intend to post everyday, you've gotta choose February if you're as lazy as I am!

So Happy February people, and you who send my paycheck, hello! It's the first! Please prod the bank into making my phone ring-a-ding with the SMS of Good Hope!

In other news, there is now an official main road under my house, and my laundry officially smells of exhaust fumes half an hour after it is lovingly spread out in the sunny balcony. Something must be done! Considering plastic clothing. I have heard there are industrial bin liners that might fit me.

In yet another news, I've had to delete Shahrukh Khan from my Twitter feed, because his verbal diarrhea prolific musing on life eclipsed all other updates by everyone else, and I need my fix of PJs from people who have a real sense of humor.

Also, I've given up Farmville after a recent perspective-correction week in January. I was at level 49, and if that means anything to you, you should seriously consider giving up too!

So that's the writer's block (writers' block? Is it common property?) out of the way. Hopefully something sensible will get posted tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

A post a day for whole month. Wow!!.

This is not a leap year, so have you considered stretching this idea for rest of the year? You know, saves you a post to suit your lazy inclinations :-).

Wordsmith said...

yay yay yayyyyy! finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Anonymous said...

din hai suhana aaj pehli taareek hai

Anonymous said...

I am not so happy with you posting everyday (i wont be able to read all of them till mid of March maybe) as I am with the other farmville related developments ... it reinforces my belief that it is in fact useless and the countless neighbour requests I have ignored were not opportunities ... many congratulations!