February 18, 2010

Feb 18, And the Tooth will prevail

I have achieved the impossible. Got kind of drunk on local dental anesthesia, of which I was given an industrial grade helping (it was spilling over into my eyes and nose from the syringe). All the doctor's cries of "relax, relax" were in vain and I clenched my fists as he administered the shot, but afterwards I felt a little too relaxed, and blabbered a little too drawlingly, and my head swam around beautifully, and don't blame me if I become a local anesthesia junkie, ok?

Anyway, the shot did nothing to numb the troublesome nerve, and I jumped three feet into the air when the doc drilled it.
Let's skip over the gory bits and totter home, where the main tooth kept giving me 140-character pain as it tweeted its woes to its friends and neighbors. I was ok, till the neighbors started retweeting. Ow Ow Ow!

As you can see, the spiritual effects of the anesthetic have not yet worn off, and I should stop blogging for the day, because when I wake up all hung over tomorrow morning, I will regret this.


Keep smiling! It might improve your face value. (The poster in the dentist's office has this very tentative message)


runa said...

Much needed dose of humour to end the day. :)
Hope your toothache goes away very very soon.
I had done this routine of 1 post a day long time ago. With each post, it felt like a day's job was all well done.

Anonymous said...

the tooth, only the tooth and nothing but the tooth!

Deepak said...

Not sure if you noticed dear, but the doc was wearing a tie patterned with Snoopy in various playful postures. I think it's a ploy to keep the children from being intimidated.

p.s. The captcha is "plenest" - read as "plainest" - certainly not an allusion to the doc's tie.