February 22, 2010

Feb 22, and I have the answer to life's biggest question

What is worse? A botched up root canal job, or My Name Is Khan?

Not that I'm telling you, though. Each man and woman must seek out life's answers for him/herself! Not that you should need to go to my dentist, ever. God forbid. I do not wish that upon anyone, except maybe SRK?


Anonymous said...

you don't know a good movie when you see one. unappreciative woman.

Anonymous said...

You did not go for MNIK AND to the dentist on the same day, did you?

Nah, you can't be THAT masochistic, surely.


PS: The word verification on this comment is hequa. Hope you recover from dentist and MNIK soon, young Heq(ua).

The Wanderer said...

Clever ! :) Why don't you give your dentist complimentary tickets to MNIK... as 'appreciation' of what he did to your tooth ?

On another note, this 'blogging everyday' task seems quite tough and you seem to be doing quite alright. More power to you :)

Ink Spill said...

@Anon: So glad you could drop by, Shahrukh. The next time, no need to be anonymous. Your name is Khan. From the epi-effing-glottis.

@Kahini: Poison kills posion. I am living. proof.

@Wanderer: The dentist will probably watch MNIk in Gold Class with all the money he's making off me anyway! I will just tell him how awesome the movie was.

richtofen said...

The answer is 42. Always was. You just figured out the question.

Ink Spill said...

@richtofen: I knew that answer was coming, and I knew it was coming from one of my Bong Boy Buddies. The only suspense was which one. :P