April 22, 2005


Ok. Is this happening to anyone else? Over the last few days, I’ve got winkeys on SMS, mail, messenger and all possible technologically-advanced data input forms. What is causing this winkey mania?

I’m having a perfectly serious discussion, but this lady begins all her sentences with a winkey! This guy who barely knows my name sends a winkey in each message he sends me! For God’s sake, whatever happened to “context”?

And now venerable Exile is sending me a winkey attached to a nice, sensible piece of advice. So now I’m confused whether I should take the advice seriously, ignore it as a joke, or run for my life because Exile is coming to Pune to kill me for calling him “venerable”.

Is there a nervous eye tic epidemic in this country that I’ve missed hearing about? Or is it a new way of poking fun at me?

*Bares her insecure fangs at the world*


Deepak said...


Kahini said...

You're just asking for winkies, right?

Pleomorphous said...

I don't know why it happened to you ;-) Excuse me, got a speck of dust in my eye ;-)

cactusjump said...

really liked ur review of 'hazaaron...' ;) sorry just had to ;) hyah ha ha!

the harlequin said...

;-) I don't know ;-) what you're ;-) talking about, but ;-) is it ;-) like, ;-) ;-) infectious ;-) or something? You know ;-) contagious ;-)?