April 06, 2005

Since the majority of me: Philip Larkin

Since the majority of me
Rejects the majority of you,
Debating ends forwith, and we
Divide. And sure of what to do

We disinfect new blocks of days
For our majorities to rent
With unshared friends and unwalked ways,
But silence too is eloquent:

A silence of minorities
That, unopposed at last, return
Each night with cancelled promises
They want renewed. They never learn.


manuscrypts said...

yeh dil mange prose :)

First Rain said...

The poem makes me wonder what if an intersection of me and my world is a null set?

In a democracy of majorities, I'll never win against the world. But since They (I?) never learn. And hence all this turmoil.

Ash said...

Thats really beautiful...

Alien said...

Hmmm.... seems to me as well that me and my life forms a null set as well....

Pleiades said...


I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. This is my personal favourite of Larkin's.
Frankly, even though I love your blog (Have been reading it for quite some time now) I wouldn't've left a comment had I not read your "A weekend of..."
The similarity is so eerie it almost gave me goose pimples.

PS: Manto Ismat Haazir Hain (Wasn't that the most brilliant play ever?)