April 04, 2005

A weekend of…

  • Theater (Manto Ismat Haazir Hain)
  • Motorbike rides and the wind in my hair
  • Birthdays and celebrations thereof
  • Passive smoking in the dark
  • Listening to people play the guitar
  • Two hours on a swing
  • Crying over “City of Angels” again
  • Spooky Palmistry
  • Old friends and new
  • The gravel crunching under my feet as I reached home just before dawn
  • Sleeping on my hair, which permanently smells of cigarettes now

And the decision to quit it all and move on.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you think best. Suffering ain't no good.

Pleomorphous said...

You are quitting theatre, motorbike rides, birthday celebrations, old and new friends?!?!?! Whatever for?

Anonymous said...

Inky?? Ki Holo??
where u off to now??

the harlequin said...

Blog hibernation? Quitting Pune? Moving to the Osho commune?

Anonymous said...

Jo karna hai woh karna hai...
Best of luck. :-)

-- Heretic

the nonsuch said...

Moving on to what? Dat is ze question.

Joker said...

all tha best!!