April 28, 2005

Hvnly Fthr: Tx 4 Frnds

A friend who I hadn’t heard from for many days sent me this link today

and this mail

“When I was young(er), and struggling to hit back-hand top-spins on a deep-sliced table-tennis ball, my then school-teacher showed me an exact replica of a certificate that read “(My Friend’s Name), Winner, Campa Cola Delhi State Juniors Title, 1991-92”. I never felt the same way about Table Tennis ever since. It didn’t just remain a past time for me. It was ALL I thought about. In June that year, I beat Assam #1, Delhi #9 and Delhi #17. At the end of year I was seeded #7 in Delhi State. All of that with a Rs. 40 TT racquet.

Life keeps showing you many such certificates. I just thought I’d hand you one. Just fill-in your name and see how it feels.”

I am grateful every living minute for the friends I have.


manuscrypts said...

read that article yesterday.. set me thinking too... btw, please drop in for just a second..:)

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