April 24, 2005


I saw Waqt yesterday and don’t ask me how many times I thought about B R Chopra’s movie by the same name. I’d pay multiplex money to see it on the big screen again. Here’s a review of the Vipul Shah movie, in accordance with his tagline.

Come to Laugh: Boman Irani and Amitabh Bachchan spar well, and there are some cute little jokes. You can also laugh at the fact that your client, who loves the work your team is doing, has sponsored the movie tickets and the popcorn, so you’re not wasting anything except your time.

Come to Cry: Ok. Either I am gone hysterical and six months of living alone have warped my emotional response to human interaction, or the movie had some really moving scenes performed well by Amitabh and Akshay. You can also cry in a completely different way about having wasted your money on a Priyanka Chopra flick with useless item numbers. Or you can cry about how Rajapal Yadav is wasted. (btw, credits in the end informed me that Yadav has two secretaries!)

Come to Terms: A lot of people are going through accelerated ageing to keep Mr Bachchan company. Shefali Shetty-Chhaya-Shah for instance. She’s Akshay Kumar’s mom here!!!!! Boman Irani could sneak in a couple of performances as a middle-aged man at his age, but we don’t see that happening. It’s a mercy he’s only keeping up with Bachchan here, in Munnabhai he was keeping up with Sunil Dutt!

A word here about Akshay Kumar, who acts pretty decently and could have been Amitabh’s cinematic heir if things turned out right. A couple of years ago, I was sure AB would have loved to swap Abhishek for Akshay, but not Abhishek seems to be waking up from his walking-talking coma, and showing signs of being an actor.

Looking forward to Bunty aur Bubli. Put off by the bad music review, but need to buy the tape for Gulzar’s sake.

Totally Unnecessary Aside: When you’re riding a bike top speed on a rainy night, there’s only so much cold you can feel, and then you become numb. It’s the same with anger.


manuscrypts said...

cold, anger... everything changes with waqt :)

shub said...

:o) @ the totally unnecessary but cute aside! :o)

Anonymous said...

Aaah... wat waqt ki baat hai.
Kyon gussa?

-- Heretic

the nonsuch said...

waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam...

nothing is as bad as when you are going through it. Then = intense now = mere remembrance.

Pleomorphous said...

Confusion gone?

Now for some gyaan.

Who said when you’re riding a bike top speed on a rainy night, there’s only so much anger you can feel?

I have recurring spells of anger and it keeps growing!