April 10, 2005


Saw Miss Congeniality-2 this weekend. It’s very, very witty. Don’t miss it. And if you dare to not like it, you are just a big/small fat/thin bore.
Memorable quote from the movie: “People may care about people who care about themselves, but I just don't care about those people.” Go Hart!

Went to the Dastkar Bazaar. A whiff of the best part of Delhi! Finally got to see clothes and stuff that I love about my home city. Sigh. Splurged on unnecessary stuff just because it was available. Double sigh. Still not regretting it. Triple sigh.

Matrimonial Ad of the Millennium: (in the Sunday TOI)
U R the best & I’m better than the rest. If the essence of the soul is to be complemented by soulmate, I, at 37, invoke my soulmate, it is we the both have to serve the most sacred cause of the world at the hour. World is the limit where I & I alone cherish right choice baby! Make it face to face and verify I mean it! Think; can’t one live what they act? Ever traceable as Pradeep c/o Mr Safari Lal, From Kanda Malla Via Bironkhal Pauri Garhwal Uttaranchal or temporarily 9899466___, 9319034___. Teri Aankhon Ke Siwa Duniya Mein Rakha Kya Hai.

Something tells me this is a code for a message to blow up some monument in Pune. :-S

Research on Two Wheelers:
TVS Scooty: Torture for the pillion rider. One jolt upsets your alignment and you have to shift in your seat while the 40-kg driver wonders why he decided to give you a ride in the first place. On deserted roads, however, you can sit back, let your arms hang loose, spread your fingers, and feel the wind between them. Throw back your head and you can see stars.

Bajaj Pulsar: Definitely Male. And definitely not for females unless the male in the front seat is a love interest. Only willpower stops you from falling off the back. Whew!


shub said...

hey i loved the first movie...hmmm...so the sequel is good too!! :)

LOL@ pulsar!! :)

PS: did u dash off a mail to the "better-than-the-rest" guy? ;) Hell,post the whole number, I'll call him ;) JFK! :D

Pleomorphous said...

Is the Pulsar really that powerful? *idea forming in head*

Sprotor said...

Yup, lol@pulsar. but very true.

Don't worry though. Pulsars do have a stiff back handle, so females for whom the male in the front seat is not a love interest, can hold hold that handle bar. So, its a choice between the male and the handle (BTW, the handle vibrates badly if the bike is ripping, so the hand becomes numb after a long ride). Hmm .. I wonder what a female may choose !! :)

Ink Spill said...

@scarred: Holding that stupid tiny back handle only ensures that when you fall off, you are dragged behind the bike for a long long distance. No thanks!

Sprotor said...

You seem very upset with the Pulsar. May be you must drop a note at Bajaj Auto in Pune.

For females, there is another option of learning to ride the bike, and putting the male (who in most cases is the owner) in the backseat, and making him suffer for mistake he committed by buying that bike.

the nonsuch said...

the kiney is quite comfy. But I would only ever sit on a motorbike and not just any bike it had to be an Enfield! Jeez, don't know how all my male friends put up with me, but I always got my way :)

manuscrypts said...

...but far from trivial....:)


The Matrimonial ad is priceless - and that exquisite adverb 'temporarily' is pure genius! Half tempted to leave for Garhwal immediately on a quest...