April 11, 2005

Resignation v3.0

I sense a change in the tone of my boss’ voice and the look on his face when he talks to me. This change began when I told him last week that I was leaving. It’s an inexplicable expression, and I don’t understand why I have problems dealing with it. I’ve resigned from one job every year for the last two years (prospective employers: please bang your head against the wall till you forget you read this) and the boss’s expression changes every time:

2003: Super-Boss: you are leaving when we are going through the ordeal of shifting, else we would have thrown you a farewell party!
2004: Boss: Ha ha ha ha ha. What do you want? A promotion? (Clarification: This is not you-who-read-this-blog-boss.)
2004: Super-Boss: Can’t you manage a career and your education side by side? I manage my family and my work!

This time, the change is not to bitterness or resentment. It is just different.
2005: Boss: Couldn’t you have waited for me to finish my ice-cream?
I guess this is a magical place and a magical boss! I have a million good reasons to stay.


the nonsuch said...

Goodluck with your next adventure. But does this mean you will be leaving Pune too?

First Rain said...

v3.0! I was going to wish that you get a better upgrade next time, but then I realized that would mean `Resignation v4.0' :)

Hope your next job is as good as your writing!

Kahini said...

Great bosses don't last unfortunately, so you may as well let this one go.

Spainful, but you'll get by.