April 20, 2006

The Stone Collector

Went to Dover yesterday and found the smooth rounded pebbles on the shore most fascinating. They were patterned most exquisitely. Wendigo was maha-amused at my obsession and took this pic. Centered my giddy spiral of a head quite nicely, methinks. My first photo as a grown up (?) on this blog!


P.S. The red bit is not my coat's kinky lining. It's my jhola. Pic of one pebble here.


shub said...

and the lady said somehwere "it hurts me immensely as a fat person "
or perhaps its your most flattering side yet :P

Ink Spill said...

Dude, this is trick photography. You stand at that angle and the camera won't be able to spot you!

Heretic said...

hehe, my sympathies to the fat person that was. Now, stop whining about your delusion. :-P

Of course, compared to you, I'm one of the world's most under-nourished persons. But that would hold true if you compared me to anyone around. :-))

Say hi to Wendigo for me. She absolutely refuses to acknowledge my innocent greetings; wonder what you told her about me. :-D

Ink Spill said...

I told her real good things about you. Good enough for her to ask: "So how tall is he?" Sorry dude. She's set the bleddy bar too high!

And I am too jealous to share her anyways.

Heretic said...

Well, I got the luck of the dwarf. Like asking for 6.2 is just too much! I refuse to wear stiletto heels even for her. :-))