April 05, 2006

Quite Grateful, I Assure You

Such a clear signal from outer space, all those green one-eyed people have the same thing to say:
"We Hope You Know What An Exceptionally Wonderful Thing You Have Here And How Likely You Are To Screw It Up By Being Yourself."
Beginning to scrape the cement out of my former accommodation on floor 2.5 (completely coincidental, wendigo, I assure you) with my little finger (the one with the fast-growing nail), and planning to kneel there to thank Heaven for what I have: the one or two people who do not think I am the world's luckiest dog.

Correction: It is floor 1.5 (before the child who remembers everything wakes up and corrects me). Haven't been to that building in a while, forgive my fading memory.

1 comment:

wendigo said...

yep. that's right, you ain't lucky. you could have done with a few more years on the shelf. some more shakespeare and general muttergashti would have ripened you better.
and, sigh, floor 2.5 lies empty; physically and emotico-mentally. the uninitiated may refer to http://skippin-trippin.blogspot.com/2005_10_01_skippin-trippin_archive.html
(see what i meant by cheap publicity? now i can sink no lower)