April 01, 2006

Biographical Mushy Casual

So this evening I was lying in bed listening to the buzz in the living room. My dad was fiddling with his brand new digital camera bought with the approval of a boy who was showing off his favorite computer game to my sister, while my mother hovered about him asking what snack she should cook for him.

Nobody knew I was missing, and I smiled to myself, knowing I was home, and, having provided a (much better) replacement for myself, was completely redundant in a most amazing way. The throne of spoilt pampered kid in this house has been usurped.

Two days later, the band around my finger feels like it's been there forever, and I've had to use my word-of-the-month about once:

Fee-on-say: Noun (Proper. Not Common). The Lord of the Ring.
Used in a sentence: The fee-on-say hates Delhi.


wendigo said...

saali khud hi bhanda phod diya. gave no one a chance to blackmail etc. hmph.
(and how dare you use my 'lord of the rings' ring idea, even in jest? it's very serious ok... just waiting in the wings till the next time i make engagement plans)

shub said...

too stunned to react!
congrats inky! *hugs*
shud I say I smelt a rat...his was the only blog u commented on regularly :p
Stunned still! weren't ut eh one who wrote post vehemetly decreeing marriage a month bak or so! :p so you guys are gonna be engaged forever?! :p

Congrats to you guys and here's a lil pj I can't resist: go ahead, marry,procreate and have lil 'ink'lings! :D

shub said...

damn April 1st!

wendigo said...

shub: could have been an april fool's day thing.. but ain't. 'tis true... the hypocritical feminist is tying the knot.

inky & harnaam: (batting eyelids) if you guys have inklings will you go to narnia for summer vacation?

shub said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shub said...

...it makes u see every damn post u read on the blogosphere with suspicion!
now i have no clue whether to believe you or not!

word verification: "osesxy"

Ink Spill said...

Oye Wendigo, the munda keeps talking of Golum and Frodo and wotnot and is as obsessed as you and calls himself LOTR.

Oye Shub, what time is it in Singapore? Why you online? And you keep track of my comments? And "inklings" is a cute joke and will remain one. :)

shub said...

damn u making me sound like a stalker now! :p
time now is 2.18am! why shudn't I be online? :p neend nahi aa rahi
*tanks for compliment bout joke:D*

Ash said...

Inkspill, congrats !

More power to blog couples :)

Pradyot said...

Posting this after mid-night... just so you don't get to say (if that is the case), April Fool! Ha ha!


neha vish said...


Welcome to the gang! (Wendigo - As a mistress of broken hearts - you already were.)

Jade said...

Congrats, inky!!

First Rain said...

Congratulations, Inks! Time flies fast indeed.

I hope you do Delhi-tize the Fee-on-say.

Argentyne said...

My comment seems to have disappeared :(
Anyway, congrats Inky! :)

Sonia said...

is this some kinda April First gag?

Sonia said...

is this some kinda April First gag?!

Hornswoggler said...

chal finally! mubarak ho.

Hokey-Pokey said...

I still cannot believe it! Have been watching the space for 2 days now, waiting for you to come out and yell Ullu Banaya!! The news is finally sinking in. My heartiest congratulations to both of you :)