April 21, 2006

Chastisement For A Proud And Flawed Pink Zinnia

Careless smudge of Heavenly hand
You blot of pink on canvas green
By all but one passer by unseen
Yet now the beloved of the land

You smile brightly, but you mistook
Chance for a more deserved fate
Who would ever think you great
Had one not stopped by to look?


Heretic said...

Why aint this on the pomez page?

How many of those that you interact with on a daily basis know you are a genius??? Hope you've started writing the book--I saw a nice Porsche that I will be able to buy just as soon as you...

well, just get on with it. :-)

Ink Spill said...

Daal diya maharaj aapke pomez page pe.
People sure know something is freakishly wrong with me. They just cannot put a finger to it.
No book shook, sadly, Ishq ne Ghalib nikamma banaa diya et al.
And about wendigo, am so marrying her off to a 5-point-something. She can keep her Qutub Minar heroes for fiction!

wendigo said...

this is beginning to amount to libel

Anonymous said...

i see tears in the eyes of the flowerbed, one whose womb was that day blessed ,when by heavenly hand was the zinnia crafted ,and the fortune of a lucky passerby drafted

Ink Spill said...

yaar mummy! embrace kartey ho yaar public mein!

lingoo-ist said...

em-ba-raes you mean. get your hackney hinglish right.

Heretic said...

Thanks you too ji. Gareeb par maerbani.
No news pome? Pliss to rite shoon.