April 12, 2006


Delhi looked like it had stopped still waiting for me to come back; nothing was new except the arrival of Costa Coffee, in a move to woo me back, I suspect. London did not even notice I was away for a bit: it is overrun with daffodils, and new food places dot my daily route, and it is daylight for like forever, and all this in a very little while. Lesson: Missing people, putting life on hold for them, and trying to change yourself into what they like ain't no good, for they don't value it after all.

The Bangladeshi kid from Wales across the paper thin walls that divide our rooms should either explain to me why she feels compelled to laugh like a hyena, or should stop doing so. Nothing in the world can justify laughing like a hyena, even for hyenas. There are a million ways to be happy without making your neighbours across paper walls type furiously while green smoke emerges from their ears.

Touchdown at Indira Gandhi International airport felt like coming home in a teary-eyed sort of way. Touchdown at Heathrow felt like coming home in an idiotic grin kind of way. I have either many homes or none. Does a nine-hour flight after a life-altering fortnight qualify for jet lag-type concessions to oneself? My shoulders are throbbing in pain, and my cheeks are climbing up my face to shut my eyes.
I'm very, very tired. I think I'll rest awhile.


neha vish said...

Go.. Sleep.

And welcome back to London. Hope to catch you (while wrestling you out of Wendigo's hands) soon.

wendigo said...

haw! won't you catch me (and my hands) too? hmph.
nice, relevant types blogging recently, by the way. hum senti type blogon ko complex ho jata hai.

wendigo said...

last comment was for neha vish.

inky darling - nice de-briefing type post by the way. and london did miss you, a little, a lot

Ink Spill said...

Neha/Wendigo: Pliss to plan meet-up, we need to "settle" a few things. >:)