April 15, 2006


When they say they did it "for your own good", on being confronted with charges of years of lies and deceit, what they really mean is that they did it "for their own good." Someone making you believe certain things does not lead you to become happy and confident, for it often seems too far fetched anyways. However, it keeps your conduct in line. Once the false gospel has been preached, you had better be converted, and show all outward signs of having believed. It makes life much easier for them, having swept your suffering under a carpet which they never lift, but which suffocates you to death invisibly.
And then one day the game is up and when they show you their cards, you realize that all your childhood, you have brought up happy and well balanced parents.  


tarun said...

Absolute morality and the idea of 'worthy' individuals is convenient because it creates some reference point for us in an otherwise meaningless life.

Killing, stealing, cheating, raping, torturing are all beyond moral values - they are only natural selection. And natural selection has only one rule - the survival of the fittest. No morality or anything.

For society to protect it's existence as entity, it has to stife some sacrificial-lambs.

The 'losers' and 'worthless' people. They aren't really worthless are they? But what would we all be without our precious little frames of reference?

Cages built to protect that imprison.

Rare Cherry Tree said...

Dear Inkspill,
No one has anything to do with your happiness. :) You are free to do whatever makes you happy and secure - and everyone else will follow.
Your happiness does not depend on your marriage. Your family's happiness does not depend on your marriage. And people can certainly be happy wihtout getting married. Moreover, there is no "right" age to get married.
Marriage may be one of the many events that makes people happy. But it can be the greatest source of lifelong unhappiness too.
I am not arguing against marriage. I am just saying,"Don't get married until you want to get married." Otherwise, your "balanced parents" will be unhappy too. Their happiness depends on your happiness, not on your marriage.
Firmly decide what you want in life and just do it. Others will follow.
Cherry Tree

Ink Spill said...

Hey Cherry Tree,

Thanks a tonne for the words. They mean a lot, even outside of the context of marriage, which is not the point of contention in my case!


Rare Cherry Tree said...

That is wonderful then! I am sorry for assuming it is about marriage. But, as you said, it works for many other aspects of life.
- Cherry Tree

Anonymous said...

actually its not about good inky !
its just some vague dream which appears to be good.
i dont really whose "good" is invloved but lets hope that good prevails

and yes i disagree with the statement the "No one has anything to do with your happiness."
i guess u have the choice to give ur happiness in others hands.

-surfed in from nehas blog

wendigo said...

Apne aap ko red and raw banake rakhna stupid hota hai. No one, NO ONE, is that important. And trust me, no one wants to be. If people thought they had the power to drastically throw off our emotional balance and kill our peace of mind with half-sentences or almost-smiles, they would be very uncomfortable. quite prickly, in fact.