April 21, 2006

Law of Economics

Being where I am, it was sure to happen one day. I have become an economic policymaker. It's just oozing out of the crevices in the walls and puddling up on the floor, so I must've stepped into it. Here's my share of economic genius. In Hindi:

Jo mann chaahe khareedo. Bas dhyan rakho ki woh kulhaadi-pateela-chhanni nahin hai.

In English:

Buy what you want, just take care it's not axe-pan-sieve.

For details of the theory, buy my soon-to-be-published work: Bheekonomics


First Rain said...

Lolllz ! Do they have the Ignoble in Economics - you'd get it for sure - Just for being so thoroughly original if nothing else !!

wendigo said...