April 25, 2006

A life in the day of wendigo and me

11 something am. Both of us have cornflakes boxes in our rooms. The communal yogurt and honey are in my fridge and room respectively. My bowl is in wendigo's room. Four floors above mine.

She: Come up with dahi and honey.
Me: come down with bowl.
She: I am studying, come up.
Me: I am e-dating, come down!
She: Ok. You win. Coming down.
(They do not move.)
She: I made a map of maps! Come see! Get honey and dahi!
Me: I am working at naukri. Come down with bowl.
She: Ok. You win. Coming down.
(They do not move.)
She: My parents are interrogating me about my future
Me: you win. Coming up with dahi, honey, and all my love!
(They do not move)
She: Astrologer says I won’t find a guy before October 2007
Me: Coming. Now!
(I move)


Anonymous said...

now i wanna watch a play

Anonymous said...

hilarious!god bless this jodi!!

Ink Spill said...

dear wifey,

I'm just back from school and they gave me a lecture on how not to die of nerves before the exams. Apparently, one has to do this strange thing called "revision". Let's see if we can do that instead of the play for a bit, shall we?

P.S.: The Globe opens May first week, and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Rat Pack, and the National Theatre are all looking tempting.

shub said...

cornflakes with dahi and honey? whatever happened to good old chilled milk?
much as I love both cornflakes and flavoured yoghurt, the result when combined I didn't like! :(

Ink Spill said...

Bachchey, all it takes is some lactose intolerance in one spouse, thieving kitchenmates who like to take a swig from the milk bottle bought by the other spouse, cornflakes that come with raisins and fruity bits, and some imagination, and some more imagination.

Anonymous said...

i hate the world now. its been ages since i have been to a decent play :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

S. said...

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