March 01, 2006

Superwoman Steps On To The Balcony For A Smoke

Article in The Times Of India

Superwoman: Time to take a break

"…Since the time women have had the freedom to work and build a career for themselves, they have aspired to be the superwoman. The complete woman who could handle the demands of home and workplace with ease and make sure that both ran smoothly without any hiccups. And one can proudly say that many have achieved this seemingly impossible task.

But then, the cultural set up in which she acquired the freedom to be independent, required her to work doubly hard to prove herself and show the other sex that he need not whine as she was quite capable of doing it all. She is anyway programmed to be a multi-tasker and one more addition to her list of jobs was only going to make her smarter and more efficient. While men may have snickered at her ambitious plans, she was confident and proved herself well…."

“…A recent survey conducted on 10,000 people in Europe says that marriage and sex is actually harmful for women. It shortens their life-span by over a year. And why is that? Because the stress of leading the dual roles of a working woman and homemaker takes a toll on their health. It further states that the effect of regular sex can shorten their lives due to hormonal changes. Interestingly, the effect on men for both is beneficial and it in fact extends their life span.

That is not to say that women need to abandon all plans to marry or have sex or for that matter even multi-tasking. It is in their blood, that's how they are trained to function. But it is definitely a warning for all those who are taking too much upon themselves. Slow down, take a breather and then charge ahead with full force….”

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Prerona said...

interesting. nice 2 know that a lot of us r atleast gonna have seriously long lives, lol

Anonymous said...

You know what Inky: You sting. You actually do. You think you make smart responses but I think you are not oversmart but actually stupid to think that you can get away with anything in life. Pampered brat, who wants to twirl the world around and thinks she can do it. Grow up Inky.

Tipsy Topsy said...

pampered brat and inky? rotfl

Deepak said...

Grow up anonymous! At the very least get a potion that imparts you sufficient courage to leave your identity when making personal/vile remarks on other people's blog.

richtofen said...

dear anonymous,

er... inky,
you were saying something about a fantastic enemy base :-)

Ink Spill said...

Richtofen: A hit. A very palpable hit.

Anonymous said...

The subconcious mind is superior than the concious mind. Your language gives away more about you than what your friends know and what you know about yourself. I am happy to know that you have a strong friend base but you are too far from the realities of life.Your subconcious mind is a die-hard critic. When you are 50, you will realize this truth about yourself.
Deepak-its not about courage, its about facing the truth about yourself from anyone. Inky and her friends cant tolerate the truth.

Deepak said...

Oh thank you sir, since you are so kind as to offer your keen advice, we are curious to find out who this fountainhead of wisdom and profundity is.

Please remember that a person might not be what a blog makes him/her out to be. A blog is just what one shares with partly the known and largely the unknown. Humans are inherently complex and layered. A blog merely offers a skewed perspective. You are being extremely judgmental in making pronouncements upon a person from merely her language or style of writing. I do not claim to have wisdom of years behind me, but in the little time I've spent in this world, I've met several people who are very different from what their writing portrays them to be.

And in case you are a well wisher who knows Inky, you have chosen the wrong forum for making your views heard. Perhaps you didn't notice, but her e-mail is on her profile.

As a regular visitor to her blog, it is irritating to see comments that have no bearing on the subject matter of her posts but are intent on offering her psychoanalysis.

In short, in case you suffer from ADD, please, the comments of this nature are not welcome.

A good friend is one who is doesn’t not shy away from correcting/critiquing his friend when he/she goes wrong. Trust her “strong friend base” to do their job.

Anonymous said...

yeah ,yeah,deepak!
god bless u!
we all love inky for who she is.
nana patekar said in a tv interview,the other day : there is a child in all of us. if we kill it who will we play with?

so true, just what all of us in inky's family believe!

growing up is a hobby of idle people to pass time. those who r born perfectly imperfect don't need to change/ improve!

Ink Spill said...

Koi meri post padhta nahin hai sab is kambakht anonymous se baat kartey hain! Bohoo! Main nahin khelti blog-blog. Waaaaaaaaa! Meri mummy bhi anonymous ko hi ghaas daalti hai! :'-(

gaa gaa goo goo gurgle gurgle!

Anonymous said...

All: its not psychoanalysis but an advise which has been given to a person after reading her posts for the last over a year. She has been a critic all through and that has been told to her. Sorry Inky for spoiling your blog but the comment was only meant to tell you to see the world in a less critical light. There is always room to improve. No is born perfect.

wendigo said...

hi again, dear old anonymous.
if you find this blog too critical, stop reading it. as deepak said, if you have a problem with the existence of 'inky and her friends', sorry, but that's life. perhaps you can find an alternate universe of people that you can get along/agree with? if you disagree with something in particular that you might have found on a blog, please enlighten us as to what that might be when you decide to 'comment'.
because these sad little personal ones only serve to highlight that you 1. have nothing better to do; 2. are not very clear in your thoughts; 3. possibly jealous of people who have both.

i'm getting personal here as well, i realise, but won't bother to apologise since you've pretty much pissed me off now.

abbe inky - maine bhi artikal nahin padha. too long. read the bold bits though.

richtofen said...

all of you. hit the beer! quick!

Anonymous said...

You all have a lot of time indeed to read, react, respond and give attention to an anonymous person; who might be just doing this 'coz he/she has no other work to do or maybe is just getting sadistic pleasure out of this.
It could be someone to whom it just doesnt matter what is being written by Inky and did it JLT.
Why didnt you just ignore?
You all ended up reacting to an unknown entity in this expansive world of the Internet. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is it Inky making a cameo as the anon? Or is it just that something that I'm smoking?