March 07, 2006

Some More Please!


Just paid 1.55 pounds for half a slice of pizza at the hostel cafeteria. I suspect the person in the kitchen slicing the pizza is the lovable chap who serves breakfast on most days, and counts the number of potato wedges he puts on our plates. Whenever he’s around, we either avoid taking anything that’s not of a pre-determined size, or clear our throats and shamefacedly ask for more, not always successfully. We steal little pats of butter sometimes, but that just makes the situation even more pathetic. Being the powerless little creatures we are, we take heart in abusing him:

Bedardi hai who nigoda
Khaana deta thoda thoda
Lekar ghar jaayega saara
Bhooka marta pet hamaara
Usko toh chaain kabhi na

Kar de mushkil jeena
Roz woh kameena


Jo said...

wow ! that was a such cute poem !..loved it..:-)

shub said...

ooooooh I see now! to be sung to the tune of Ishq kameena! I know I know...what a bright tube(not the trains u take) I am! =))

Blahsfemmy said...

shub, jus like u.. i also am a bright tube :)and me thinks it shud have been written like:

hai woh nigoda,
Khana deta,
thoda thoda...

Jo bhi, ....still good!
Achha hai :-)

amma said...

ghar aa jaa bachua, aur nahin! bus, aur nahin! karte karte thak jayegi. ye maa ka promise hai!love u,(& hate that k.....)