March 22, 2006

Kya Bataoon Maa Kahaan Hoon Main...

...yahan udne ko mere liye
Khula aasmaan hai
Tere kisson jaisa bhola
Salona jahaan hai yahan sapnon waala


Me flying home to Mummy for the vacations tomorrow. Too sleep deprived to post these days, with Lent term essays and Cambridge et al. Will be back to blogging soon.


First Rain said...

May Delhi greet you with a bright, sunny day!

Have a nice vacation.

Maya Cassis said...

nice pic

Miss Sea said...

Why didn't the balloon make u happy? why ask for a sister? :P

u look adorable. i want to pull ur cheeks :D

richtofen said...

beautiful picture.
my offer on the jack daniel's still stands....

Avis said...

Lovely pic!

Heretic said...

You were cute as a child. Wonder why all of that changed! Pass my regards to your mum. :-)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Uncanny resemblance to my daughter.
I hope fathers get equal mileage. When she grows up, that is. Right now I have top billing.


Ink Spill said...

@ First Rain, Maya, Dada: Thanks
@ TT: That is one question I ask myself every day!
@ Richtofen: Pitwaogey?
@ Heretic: Phhhhbt! And Mom reads blog and comments (how cool am I?). She'll send a God Bless, am sure :)
@JAP: Well, they do get silent mileage!

shub said...

i love the pic...u look so cute :D
and i lve the hair especially! does it still stand that way? :p

wendigo said...

occasionally, when she's extra riled about the state of the world and its women.