March 03, 2006


We’re sticking daffodils into flowerpots
And painting smiles on our gloomy faces
We’re thinking lots of summery thoughts
And looking at photos of summery places
We’re selling gloves for less than they cost
And proffering venues for summer bashes
And sticking our tongues at ole Jack Frost
With snowflakes on our noses and eyelashes


wendigo said...

and now she's back to critiquing capitalism in the cold countries. you critical ctiquey critter you.

Ink Spill said...

All I was doing was forcing some summer cheer (how alien that expression feels on my Indian tongue) into a cold weekend. You sister-of-wife you!

Anonymous said...

samuel coleridge writes:

for him,in vain,the envious seasons roll
who bears eternal summer in his soul.

this combined with:

....jab zara gardan jhukayi dekh li...