March 02, 2006


Ages ago (Five years ago) I worked (I pretended to work) at an office (in a rathole) editing news (stealing news) for a news service (for a shady news service). I created (I copy-pasted) the UK section (the UK section).
So I regularly consulted (enough with the brackets already!) The Guardian website, which often had an advertising banner emblazoned above the masthead. The advert urged me to “buy Les Miserables tickets now!” Having recently read the novel and being completely smitten by it, and being semi-conscious because of the heat during a summer power cut in the office, I clicked on the banner. When the website opened, I realized that the performance was in LONDON: that faraway place which might as well have been on the moon (the moon.) (Ok sorry.)  I felt so stupid getting so excited about something that was so beyond my world. I shook my head and got back to my work.
Tonight I saw the musical. It’s celebrating 25 years of making people gape and smile and cry. I gaped and smiled and cried an awful lot.
If you have a crazy idea, shake your head and go back to your work. Who knows what might happen in five years!


amma said...

the most wonderful faculty of mankind is the ability to dream.the highest test of intelligence of a person is in what he/she (for the feminist readers of this blog!)makes out of them.
keep dreaming, all u kids!

Handful Of Hell said...

Shakes his head and goes back to...dreaming....(work's a drag)

richtofen said...

thank you inky. thank you amma.
cairo, marraketch, casablanca, tripoli, trieste, the sahara, the andes, the amazon, the sierra nevada, the alamo, dien bien phu, iwo jima, guadalcanal, kandhar, outer mongolia, vladivostok, istanbul, damascus, transylvania, get back to work, plans, sections, elevations, BOQ's, tenders, pitches, five years.
thank you inky. thank you amma.

Hyde said...

Eight years and looks like it is finally going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Who knows what might happen in 5 years! Yes, I didnt know that "this" will happen in 5 years either.
Good one Inky - made me philosophical.

wendigo said...

uhm-hmm... was an ok soundtrack too.

Anonymous said...

Didnt understand you Wendigo.

shub said...

lovely post inky. lovely :)
n I LOVE your mum's comments :) Can we have her guest posting?