March 13, 2006

Bad Day

I could not concentrate on my book on the tube today, because the teenaged boy and girl in the seat opposite were all but tearing each other's clothes off, and I wanted to throw my book down, walk across to them, and tell them to be very careful, because one day she will have a job, and one day (before she gets the job, if I don't intervene) he will get her pregnant, and then her boss will say that women with children are not good enough to work.

Sheesh man! I would spit today out of my life if I could.

P.S.: Completely forgot it is Aamir Khan's birthday today! Fust time in 16 years, I forgot! Hurray! Harnaam Singh will be happy to know this!


Hyde said...

It is another year already?!?!

Arpita said...

Ha ha that was funny but true. I actually was searching for the song Suno zara and found it nowhere but on your blog. Hey do visit me at my blog