June 25, 2005

Weather Report

Have finally figured out what the problem is with Delhi weather these days.
The atmosphere has turned into a giant rasgulla.
The air is always heavy with moisture, and leaks sticky liquid all over you if you brush past it. Even if you don’t move, it will smother you to death.

- This weather report is dedicated to the 1000 rasgullas I have eaten in my six weeks of jaundice. Now I am a human rasgulla trapped in a rasgulla.

Aside to The Heretic: I tried sleeping off the dementia. As you can see, it did not work.


Joker said...

rosagullas have warped you brain?:D:P

Pleomorphous said...

Wrapped her brain, I would say :-P

rajesh said...

1000, rasagullas..? Hmmmphh..!

Kahini said...

Wot's with you and rasgullas?

Take heart, this could mean rain.

Handful Of Hell said...

Look what your post has done!!

Now we have a fairness cream for men "Fair and Handsome" :-p

Wonder what kinda advertisements will this category attract?

Anonymous said...

Send me some of those rosogullas. I've tried sleeping off the dementia too, but apparently she wants to get married now. :))

ps: hope the yellowness is not replaced by whiteness.

-- Heretic