June 20, 2005

Random Ranting

Since last morning, I’m feeling like Dementors have sucked my soul out of me. It is the joint result of the adorable Delhi heat and my overconfident forays into the human world before my jaundice is completely cured. I am feeling like pulp that needs to be out in the fridge right away. Power cuts don’t help. And I can’t even bear to think that I am cribbing when people are out on the road working in this heat. Please God: Showers of blessings we need.

At the library yesterday, the woman sitting opposite me was reading a guide to icing cakes for children’s parties, the art of lace-making, a tome on interior design, and a fashion magazine. She seemed to be a well-groomed young lass. The only reason someone would be reading this combo that I can think of is “the accelerated domestication project” that strikes many people at the “marriageable age”. When she left, the man on the next table pulled up the cake icing book and was leafing through it. Nice! I am sure he was going to head straight home and make red-yellow cakes for his kids. And the chap on the other side was actually reading a book titled “New Feminism”. Whoa! That was a first. His cellphone kept buzzing and distracting him from his masochistic pursuits. Now you are thinking that I was obviously too busy looking around to peer into my own book, and that I am a superbitch for criticizing everyone. Of course you are right.

I hate Chennai for sucking in people like a vortex. I could throw things at that steaming hot idli cooker of a city right now except it is too far and my throwing arm is not up to it yet.

Ok. I am done ranting. Back to work.


Pleomorphous said...

HEY!! Stop cussing my Madras!

And FYKI, Madras is almost as cool as Bombay RIGHT NOW!

Ink Spill said...

I will curse, I will I will.
And as cool as Mumbai is no qualification. Mumbai is never cool. Abah! It's too hot to argue.

Kahini said...

Torn between concern for your condition and desire to bring you up to date with current weather conditions in mmmmmMumbai. Fink I'll take care of the latter with this offhand comment: I don't require the fan, for which there IS power.

And now for the former: Wodderfuck are you doing in a library when you are clearly in no state to do any work?

Ink Spill said...

Hey Kahini,

I am studding (no not that one: there are no studs or even geeks in the library, only unclejis) because I am sick of resting and am feeling useless and cannot spend eternity cooking and sleeping. :(

Delhi hurts my soul. Chennai abducts my friends. And Mumbai too. Metros suck!

Kahini said...

How about you sleep and write and read blogs and not cook, at least for a few days? It's a bit pointless to almost get well and then collapse again out of impatience.

Anonymous said...

Sleep well and get over the dementia. :P

-- Heretic

Rash said...

Hug. Big one. and please note that am not even describing the weather in bangalore


The Saint

Pleomorphous said...

You know, instead of cursing your luck, you can always join your friends. Be they in Madras, Bombay or anywhere else.

And I ditto Kahini's lines as regards the situation here. Don't need the fan and there is power to run it. I think I will sleep on the terrace tonight.

In other news, I heard there are companies here looking for instructional designers (that or something like it). :->

First Rain said...

Hey Inkz!

da Delhi heat is slow-roasting me everyday. Home is like a big hot air balloon right now with me stuck inside it! Guess the only people benefiting are your fav fairness cream guyz what with more ppl becoming burnt in da heat.

btw contrary to popular opinion here, da library seems a cool place (I find libraries are always cooler - literally). But you shud not torture your not-fully-recovered body. Go torture someone else's instead.

Expecto Patronus!!

Deepak said...

Does what Lupin did for most part of Harry Potter book/movie3:

"Here, have some chocolate"

p.s. it'll not melt in your mouth, it'll melt somewhere on its way from my hand to yours.

Anonymous said...