June 27, 2005

Birthday Greetings!

This blog is celebrating the birthday of Inky's Godpapa(ya) today. May he always write wonderful poetry, and inspire her to write too.

Happy Birthday Godpapa! I would not dare to write you a birthday poem, so I asked Philip Larkin to help. Here is one of his poems that I want to dedicate to you:

New Eyes Each Year

New eyes each year
Find old books here,
And new books,too,
Old eyes renew;
So youth and age
Like ink and page
In this house join,
Minting new coin.

Your child Inky



Thank you! You overwhelm me. In your glory I shall seek mine :)

Anonymous said...

Happiest note! Best wishes, ole dubliner. May your pen flourish better than ever.

-- Heretic, ex-

Joker said...


manuscrypts said...

so, who is he??

Ink Spill said...


He's http://www.blogger.com/profile/4971715