June 08, 2005

God Sees Me

In my nice convent school, where I studied because Mom wanted her kids to wear white uniforms to school (no thanks, Mom), we had a special examination prayer.

The Principal used to ask us to close our eyes and repeat "God sees me". It was the anti-cheating mantra that was supposed to ensure that we wear moral blinkers for the three hours we were regurgitating information on paper.

I hated the nauseous, semi-dead feeling that examinations induced in me. Following the Principal's lead, I would shut my eyes and recite:
"God. Sieze me."


Kahini said...

What brought back this memory?

Ink Spill said...

The impending resumption of eddication. (gulp)

Fun_Da_Mental said...

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1. At the age of three, don't do anything.
2. At the age of four, don't do anything.
3. No need for anything interesting to happen.
4. Have a blog friend who happens to have a sister who also blogs.
5. Link to her blog.


Is TT listening?

Miss Sea said...

Though this never happened with me in school, a teacher in college used to do that! The college which sister recommended because she wanted me to wear handlooms(thanks :D)

Fundoo, chup karo. pitogey. yahan mere saare dost pitte hain ;)

Saltwater Blues said...

howdy ink spill

OrangeCloud said...

I'm sure God must have re-arranged that prayer to mean "Do See Me Zig".

HE's still doing it. :)

Ink Spill said...

@Funda: Lucky you!
@TT: Pitegi tu.
@SWB: Hey! Me's good, Howz you?
@Orange Cloud: God does not pay much heed to student-types during exam season. He'd go mad.

First Rain said...

Dere is god and then dere are exams... helllooo!! Where is da connection????

*praying hard... plz plz dear god ... help me pass mine*

Kaun, kaun pit raha hai? :D

Fun_Da_Mental said...

Abey TT... pitayi aapki didi ko karni hai aur tension aap ko ho rahi hai! Vaise thanks to ink spillz... TT ko pitayi ki warning mil chuki hai, lalalala. :p

Oh btw did some one say 'lucky' me? Well well well... wish I were as lucky as TT is, to have discovered a noble friend like Fundoo. *sigh* :D

Heretic said...

Yup, God usually seized me during exams; I'd quitely spend all of time "meditating".

No wonder, eh?

All green, no yellow?

manuscrypts said...

panic usually seized me!!

Kirthi said...

Hah good one! I felt that for practically all my exams.

Anonymous said...

so, did God sieze?


cactusjump said...

:D lol!