June 24, 2005


How do the creepiest of the creeps who I was once forced to be acquainted with track me down and insist on talking to me?

I am sure I interacted with decent/interesting/sane people too, and those people never talk unless they are spoken to.

Horror of horrors! Am I their “creepiest of creeps?”


Pleomorphous said...

I know such people too. One female did not reply to my mail for 15 days and when she did, it was about a pointer on her laptop that interfered with the mouse.

After I condescended to help her out, she vanished again!

Some people, I tell you! :-P

Ink Spill said...

guilty as charged.

Joker said...

hmmmmm wondering what i can charge you with*GRIN*

Rash said...

how could u even think like that :)