June 22, 2005


For reasons too complicated to get into here, I walked into my room a couple of nights ago to see my dear sister watching Kkkkusum on Sony TV without switching on the sound. I did what anyone who has a younger sister would do in the same sleepy circumstance: I watched it with her.

Suddenly, there was a fashion show happening in the serial, with the much-married male lead sitting and watching people walk the ramp in a pub-type-thingy. It was a show with a difference, and as the screen in the background proclaimed in huge letters, it was a jewelry exhibition sponsored by a major jeweler.

TV soaps can be as brazen as they like about product placements, because viewers would need deaddiction therapy to peel their eyes off the screen, even if the producers swapped all the actresses playing the female roles during the commercial breaks (now why doesn’t someone use that evil idea?)

About the jewelry show: it featured – hold your breath – men wearing dhotis and stoles showing off elaborate necklaces (Nizam-of-Hyderabad-meets-Mrs-Chopra-of-Krrrol-Bagh designs). One of these chaps was Shayan Munshi, last seen (by me) in “Jhankaar Beats”.

For the life of me, I cannot imagine what the writers were thinking. What kind of people want to see dhoti-clad half-dead guys wearing obscenely showy women’s jewelry? If there is someone out there with a Ramleela-fetish, I’d love to make friends with the specimen.

Note: I just bought a mouse and connected it to my IBM Thinkpad. Now the stupid red dot on the keyboard does not approve of my promiscuity, and refuses to perform its mousely function. Dad will kill me if I cannot placate stupid thing. Anyone with suggestions please leave a message. Thanks. You shall be rewarded with a video recording of all fifteen thousand episodes of Kkusum. Without the sound.


Pleomorphous said...

I was going to help, but your compensatory offer changed my mind.

Rash said...

Why is it KKKKKusum? Is there a shahrukh khan in it?

Anonymous said...

One of my fave pastimes - watching song equences from Hindi movies with the sound off and ONLY looking at the expressions on the faces of the extras.


Miss Sea said...

U forgot Kusum running in slow motion towards abhay to save him from the bomb in the car....and then their collective rolling in the snow.

For those who were wondering why I put my lovely sister thru this torture, I was waiting for a commercial which a friend had scripted.. and it never came :(

*waiting eagerly for father-daughter duel* :D

Surinder said...

hmm .. that made me remind of the VLCC promotions that were there on Jassi .. reallly stupid .. but they made money !! . :-)

and was going to say something abt the keyboard thing .. but the last lines of the post made me change my mind :-)

Kraz Arkin said...

Run Forrest Run - theres a serial killer around.