June 26, 2005

Laddoo Singh

Laddoo Singh has left the following message on my Orkut page:

Laddoo: i like to make stranger friends that why i m addii like to make stranger friends that why i adding u.......chalo aap aapne baare me kuchh batao

He could not have hoped to make a "stranger friend" than me in this lifetime!

Common sense (File Not Found In My Hard Drive) tells me that these messages come in because the first question Orkut asks you is your "relationship status". And if you are single, you can't blame Laddoo for trying his luck.

So I've changed my "relationship status" to "committed". The word, used in a sentence, can be understood thus:
"I have committed a grave error by registering on Orkut as single."

There is really very little choice Orkut offers in the relationship status drop down list. There should have been a text box in the form. (evil laughter)


Pleomorphous said...

Ya, setting the status to commited does help in keeping the wolves away. ;-)

Miss Sea said...

Now I will have to answer so many questions. :(

manuscrypts said...

committed to being single?? :)

Anonymous said...

Pleo, Inkie: Nope, it doesn't.... HOoooooowwwwwwllllll... see? :P

Geetanjali said...

That's the thing I don't like abt online communities - that most ppl out there are simply trying to find someone to date/hook up with... what's with this eternal obssession abt finding a babe/dude? ME didn't last long on Orkut and dint even try the other places - quite content with my current bunch of friends, and with Blogs:-)

Thanks for dropping by my blog - me remembers you well! Your poem left a distinct mark on my mind... oh btw used to see your comments on Hints, Allegations and more - never realised who you were!

Also thanks for correcting me on the Ibsen/Strindberg issue - dunno how I goofed up...can't even excuse myself saying it was a typo *embarassed*

More laters - having fun browsing ur blog :-) Take care lady!

Mirage said...

Lol! Orkut is useless! the only people i came across were either IITian perverts (no puns guys!) or were of the 'Laddoo Singh' category!!

Chugs said...

i know eggzactly what your status should be.
but with that status ppl would bar u from orkut!

Khushee said...

Lol :)

Rash said...

tis like that old story of working girls wearing mangalsutra to prevent boys from
getting too familiar. Heard from aunt. Have no idea if is true.

Ok don't beat me up ;)

Anonymous said...


# 32- Presuming every guy who is sending a friendship request is hitting on her.

Could it just not be that maybe, just maybe, seƱor Laddoo was just trying to make friends? C'mon lets give Laddoo saab the benefit of the doubt ;-)

BTW, i am now way related to Laddoo or his clan.

Anonymous said...

IITian perverts??!!! Now that's a far-fetched generalization!!!

- A poor hurt IITian :(

Kirthi said...

Oh an acquaintance of mine recently changed her status from single to committed and I had no means of finding out if she changed it with the same intentions as urs. But it turns out that she really is engaged :)