March 27, 2005


I feel old and stern and quite outdated this weekend. It is the first time I’m feeling this way.

I’ve played party pooper and made a few friends dislike me this weekend, and I hope they will see it was for their own good.

I’ve also lost faith in the good sense of some people I looked up to, and will have to realign my relationship with them.

I’ve learned that there is something like too much enjoyment, and carpe diem is a weekend philosophy not applicable to entire lifetimes. I’m looking for a weekday philosophy now.

In hindsight, all this makes a lot of sense. It was the weekend of death and resurrection. How nicely Holi snuggled itself between Good Friday and Easter. And then they say there is no single God!


Pleomorphous said...

Inky madam,

Taking your reply to my comment for one of your earlier posts into consideration, I had spent some time in contemplation and sent you a mail for your consideration.

I am on a fine line between redemption and damnation. Please don't damn me :p

Joker said...

i came i read and i hugged

Anonymous said...

Tight hug.

manuscrypts said...

weak end.. hmm... and yup, there is no single god when u need one :(