March 07, 2005


Sometimes you are faced with a dilemma that stumps you. The options are so evenly balanced that even an extra strand of hair on either side would have made the choice easy. But things being as they are, all you can do is dig your nails in the palm of your hand, and wish you had trimmed them this morning, for they have grown too long and are hurting you.

Such is the situation of our protagonist today. She had vowed to herself that this day would never come. She thought she had made all arrangements to avoid it. But cruel Fate had other plans. And now her swivel chair is poised on the brink of existence, and she has to decide. (Instead of deciding, she is blogging, but if you are reading this, you probably do the same.)

Would a man ever be faced with such a dilemma? Probably not. It is a woman’s curse.

Should she climb down six storeys, walk home, climb up six storeys, rescue her lovingly washed white clothes from the impending rain, climb down six storeys, walk back to work, and climb up six storeys?

Happy Women’s Day.
More power to us, especially the Electricity Board variety.


Anonymous said...

You might as well do that or you won't be able to concentrate all day.

Rain, didja say?


First Rain said...

I'd rather go to the roof and get wet myself.

bips said...

haha...never have a house near ur office!!

Deepak said...

:), well given that its *Women's Day* (and its we who get called sexists often but I digress) but you aren't dealing here with an entirely womanly dilemma. For instance I've been wondering if I should go home and entreat my washing machine to finish the rinse cycle which had to be aborted this morning so that I could make it to office on time.

Joker said...

huh? you told me you give your clothes to the washerwoman!!!! HMMMM


Happy woman's day:D

Ink Spill said...

@Anita: Yes!
@First Rain: Me too.
@Bips: So true
@Deepak: How glad I am to be proved wrong!
@Joker: New white shirt is for me to wash and the rain to soil :-(

the harlequin said...

Lovingly washed white clothes, did you say?

Erm, well, as long as you're not in them, let them be. If you were in them, oh well, that's an entirely different picture.