March 13, 2005

March 14

My darling mother called me this morning to remind me it is Aamir Khan’s birthday today. I had forgotten. I’m celebrating today, not because it is the ijit’s birthday, but because it finally looks like I am no longer a teenager. Hurray!

On March 14 many years ago, when my room used to be plastered with his posters, my mother had surprised me with a chocolate cake that read “Happy Birthday Aamir”. She had also surprised the pastry shop guy. She reported this conversation:

Him: “Ma’am, what do you want written on it?”
Her: “Happy Birthday Aamir”
Him: “Aamir Khan?”
Her: “Yes”
Him: “You know Aamir Khan?”
Her: “Yes. Of course.”
Him (eyeballs popping): “He’s celebrating his birthday with you?”
Her: “Yes.”
Him (Falling over the counter): “How do you know him? Are you related to him?”
Her: “I am the mother of a teenage daughter.”
Him (grinning): “You want candles?”

Anyone who thinks this story is pathetic is hereby requested to go drown his/her heartless self in the nearest well. Anyone who says “Aww” will be shot dead.

And Ma, I love you.

And oh, Happy Birthday Aamir, even though you're such a jerk.


Pleomorphous said...

Reminds me of the giddy girls I knew in 6th when QSQT was released.

shub said...

awww.... ;o)

*falls flat clutching heart, where the bullet passed*

and i must say, I love your mom too! :o)

Anonymous said...


I ADORE your mother. I adore mine too - and it's her birdie today.


Ink Spill said...

Happy Birthday Auntie.
Am sparing your "awwwwful" daughter.
That's my birdie gift to you.

Jasmine said...

Poor Aamir. Doomed for every by the casual flinging of "you're such a jerk."
Why is he "such a jerk", by the way?

Ph said...

Mom is an absolute darling!

colours said...

The last sentence is quite a turnaround from 14 years ago :).

Anonymous said...

Did you remeber his birdie last year? They say out of sight is out of mind...and last year all you could see of Mr.Khan were two eyes peering out of dense undergrowth!


Chugs said...

kyon bhai...jerk kyon??

Anonymous said...

inkie...awww!! sooooo sweeett!!!! i had this huge craze for becker, ravi shastri, dean jones and baggio...everybody's career went downhill the moment i took up their cause :-)
but seriously why the complete twist in the aamir story??


OrangeCloud said...

A mere Khan.


Joker said...

no awww so HUMPH!!! *GRIN*