March 18, 2005

Happy Weekend!

Hi Friends,

As we discusses yesterday Plan time and location for Bus as follow

1) Bus will be here by 9.00 pm at office.
So who ever want come from office they should be here by 9.00
so we can move 9.15 pm to 9.30 pm from here.

2) Those who doesn't want to come back again to Office
those people can join from swarget corner (near Petrol Pump Detail map for location attach )
bus will be here by 9.45 and will not wait for more than 15 min.( coz Parking problem)
You should be here by 9.30. We will start out tour by 10.00 pm

Out Journey is 9 to 10 hours And we want to reach by 6.30 to 7.00
If we reach there on time So we can have sufficient time to spend there .....and enjoy

We will be back to Pune on Sunday by 10.00 pm (will try to reach before mention)
So everyone should get proper rest and be fresh for Next day.

Please update your Resident Cantact noumber / Cell No. and Your choice for Bus Stop on mention below path


any droughts or quarry please contact me



Pleomorphous said...

I have a quarry. Any drought in the place you are going to visit?

the harlequin said...

translated into marathi, makes perfect sense. my contribution to the drought of quarry: update your resident cantact/cell no. please please do!

let's see, summer's starting, not quite tourist season, night journey. hmmm, ganapatipule?

have enjoy!

Kraz Arkin said...

Are both of the three one and same?

It's me said...

Well, it does convey what it intends to and it sure is not the new transport bill that is going to be discussed in the parliament, I am fine with it.

It's me said...

Have a fan trip, btw :-p