March 30, 2005

Post-Holi Post

Pink footprints of various sizes lead
up to the bathroom door
Where they give way to magenta puddles
on the milk-white floor
I smile at the laughter outside, but shudder
at the cries of “encore”
Armed with a mop, a bucket, and phenyl
I play Holi once more!

The colour refuses to get out of my cuticles and ears, both of which are sore with endless washing (Lady Macbeth-ishtyle)

Call me Pinkspill.


the nonsuch said...

Hey, Pinkspill. How about sending some of that gulal this way? Then I can be pretty in pink too :)

Pleomorphous said...

Inky ho ya Pinky, you are still dangerous to mosquitoes :P

Rash said...

Lovely! Thank you for making me smile on a horrid workday

Joker said...

reminds me of a nonsense rhyme from childhood...

inky pinky ponky
father had a donkey
donkey died
father cried
inky pinky ponky

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wbrant said...

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