February 13, 2005

Feb 14

Celebrating the silver anniversary of lonely Valentine’s Day evenings this year. Quite used to it now!

Fear of the Shiv Sena is stopping Radio Mirchi Pune from even mentioning the V-word, and they are playing their regular bhajans like “Koi nahin hai kamre mein”.

Good thing I did not bother to have dinner last night, or I would have regurgitated it onto the Times of India, which has a red rose under its masthead today! Ew!

Dream V-Day Date: “Dum bhar jo udhar munh phere, O chanda” Nargis and Raj Kapoor in Awara. Nothing less will do.
(And that is why I will observe all future V-Days alone)

In other news, the mater reportedly slept off for 12 hours flat after I left Delhi. These are the small things that speak volumes about me.

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