February 07, 2005

Exposed: My Tragic Love Story

I had known when I left that it was all over between us. You would not have dumped me so unceremoniously if you had cared one bit. That I loved you to distraction meant nothing to you. How foolish I was, thinking I had found my companion for life the day I set my eyes on you. We ticked, I told myself.

My wishing anything was of no use, was it? You let go of my hand and vanished without a word.

I missed you there. I thought I saw you once, but that was just me being mad.

I came back determined to pick up the strings and try again. But when I met you this time, I knew things could never be the same. And not because I had changed. Because you had changed.

Why the bloody hell do you have to have “Fast Track” etched across your face, you stupid watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where on earth am I going to find a three-year-old model of a Titan now?????????????

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Moral: Watch out what you fall in love with!!!!!

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